Rhymes Competition – Montessori

Rhymes Competition was conducted on 25th August 2019. Students participated with enthusiasm singing their favorite rhymes displaying wonderful body language, memory skills and confidence. The objective of the competition was to develop speaking skills and also to help the child to express their feelings through facial expressions and gestures. Students participation is appreciated and we congratulate all the winners.

Mont 2 A: 1st – Saffiya Ruknuddin D/O Ruknuddin Abdul Sami

                 2nd – Amra D/O Riyaz Ahmed Sayeedi

                 3rd – Riham Barmawer D/O Syed Utban Barmawar

                         Ameena Ruknuddin D/O Imtiyaz Hussain Ruknuddin

Mont 2 B: 1st– Hawwa D/O AbdulMalik

                  2nd – Shaima Ruhi D/O Mohammed Shuaib Jukaku

                  3rd – Mehrish D/O Musaib Hussain , Khatija D/O Mohammed Shafi

Mont 3: 1st – Juana D/O Mohammed Junaid

              2nd– Musa Shabandri S/O Mutawassim Shabandri

              3rd – Maheen Mohtesham D/O Mohammed Rasib,

                      Syed Umar S/O Syed Mohammed Afzal

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