Events organized in Anjuman Noor and Noor Montessori

December 31, 2018
Events organized in Anjuman Noor and Noor Montessori


  • Established in the year 2017

Alhamdulillah successfully completing 2 years now

Events & Competitions conducted in the year 2018:

  • Colouring Competition – 6th August 2018

Colouring Competition was conducted today, i.e, 6th August 2018, in the Pre-Primary and Montessori classes at our school. The motive behind this competition was to enhance and showcase their colouring skills. The sight of children engrossed in their activity with complete excitement and concentration was worth watching. The students enjoyed the event producing beautiful samples.


  • Qirat Competition: –                      12th August 2018
  • Rhymes Competition :–                Mont 3- 11th August 2018, Mont. 2- 20th August 2018
  • Fancy Dress Competition :-          30th August 2018

Anjuman Noor Primary School held the most awaited and exciting Fancy Dress Competition, for the students of Montessori and Pre-primary level on 30th August 2018. It was a fascinating and colouful show filled with excitement which was enjoyed equally by parents, teachers as well as children. The winners of the competition were acknowledged.

  • “Show and Tell” Competition :- 24th & 25th September 2018

Show & Tell' Competition was held at Anjuman Noor Montessori on 24th and 25th Sept. 2018.

The motive of this competition was to develop public speaking skills in our little learners. It also enhances the child's ability to translate their thoughts and ideas into words.

The Topics were :-

Mont-2: Garden

Mont-3: When I grow up, I want to be ......

The students participated with enthusiasm and gave wonderful presentation of ideas.


  • Speech Competition :-                   Mont. 3- 10th November 2018, Mont. 2- 13th Nov. 2018
  • Story Telling Competition :-        Mont.3- 17th Nov. 2018, Mont.2- 19th Nov. 2018




  • Red Day -                                                                              14th July 2018
  • Fun in the Rain Activity –                                            13th August 2018
  • Green day -                                                                        8th August 2018
  • All About Hajj-                                                                  20th August 2018

The students of Anjuman Noor Montessori did the 'Hajj Activity' today with great enthusiasm. It was a joyous and fun moment reciting Talbiyah and Takbeer with their friends. They also enjoyed making their 'Eid Greetings'- Art activity.


  • Independence Day  Activity-                                       16th August 2018
  • Yellow Day                                                                         9th September 2018
  • Annual Picnic to Aryan Waterpark, Udupi-          1st November 2018
  • Mom & I – Walk n the Park -                                      18th November 2018

Anjuman Noor Montessori organised a fun event, "Mom & I - Walk in the Park" today, i.e, 18th Nov. 2018.

The purpose behind this trip to Eco Park (Sagar road ) was to get the moms together to spend time & create memorable moments with their kids. The moms and kids equally had a great time playing and sharing variety of tasty delights with friends.

Alhamdulillah, Everyone returned happily by 12.30 p.m. , moms looking forward to more such trips together with their kids in future.

  • Fun in the Sun – Sports Event-                                   27th December 2018

Anjuman Noor Montessori organised annual sports event - " Fun in the Sun" and Prize Distribution Ceremony on Thursday, 27th December 2018.

This Fun filled day began with colourful pom-pom drill and flower drill from mont-2 & mont-3 classes respectively.

It was followed by obstacle race, frog race, hoop race, dumbbell race, 3 legged race etc. for the students and games for Mom & Child together too.

The little players as well as their mothers participated with great enthusiasm and enjoyed throughout, Alhamdulillah.

The event came to an end with the "Prize Distribution Ceremony". The winners of all the competitions held throughout the year (2018) were honored with gifts and certificates. Participation certificates and medals were also given to all the participants of Fancy Dress Competition and Sports for appreciating their efforts. It was indeed a wonderful dispersal, the glowing faces of the little Noor Stars proudly carrying their gifts and medals home.


Events & Competitions conducted in the year 2018:

  • Qirat Competition ( 1- 7th) -                                       20/06/2018
  • Greeting Card Competition (1-7th) -                          06/06/2018
  • English Poetry Competition (1-3rd)-                          31/07/2018
  • English Creative Writing Competition (4th – 7th)      31/07/2018
  • English Essay Writing Competition (1-4th) -              08/09/2018

           (5th-7th)-            15/09/2018

  • Drawing Competition (1-7th)-                                    27/08/2018
  • Speech Competition (1-4th) -                                     15/09/2018

            (5th-7th)-                                    08/09/2018

  • Hamd Competition (1-3rd)-                                        27/10/2018
  • Asma-Ul-Husna Competition (4-7th)-                        28-10-2018
  • Show and Tell Competition (1-3rd )-                          30/10/2018
  • Pick & Speak Competition (4-7th)-                            29/10/2018
  • Poster Making Competition (Holiday Homework)  25/10/2018


All India Talent Exam 2018-

*Indian Talent English, Math, Science and General Knowledge Examinations*

161 students from Anjuman Noor Primary School had appeared for the first time on 4th ,5th and 6th December 2018.

Alhamdullilah 79 students have been selected for Round 2 examinations to be held on 6th February 2019.




  • Independence Day –                                                             15th August 2018
  • Anjuman Noor Primary School, Bhatkal celebrated the Nations 72nd Independence Day at its premises today. The celebration began with the unfurling of National Flag by the chief guest, Mrs. Muzna Waseem w/o Dr. Syed Waseem followed by the National Anthem, patriotic songs and speeches by students in Urdu, English and kannada. The struggle for Indian Independence and sacrifice of freedom fighters were remembered with gratitude.

Independence Day activity was also done by the students. Vast variety of Art and Craft samples prepared, portrayed patriotism and creativity of students.



  • Annual Picnic to Aryan Waterpark, Udupi (1-4th) –        1st November 2018
  • Annual Picnic to Pratham Resort, Kundapur (5th- 7th)-   6th November 2018
  • Annual Sports Day -                                                             26th & 27th November 2018


Inaugration of Mobile Library (Sept. 2018):

To reinforce reading skills and interest of learning among the students Anjuman Noor Primary School has started a new Mobile Library initially with 200 books for the kids on different subjects.

This was made possible by the Anjuman Alumni of Dubai with their generous contribution.

  1. Allah grant us success in our noble cause. AMEEN..