Mont 2- Mom and I – No Fire Cooking Competition

“Mom and I’ No Fire Cooking Competition was conducted on 19th September. The main purpose of this competition was to get the mothers and children together to spend quality time in a productive way. It also gave a chance to the moms to collectively portray creativity with their child. It was wonderful to see our little chef’s enthusiastic participation to help their mom. Masha allah, it was indeed a mesmerizing and tempting sight.


Mont 2 A- 1st position – Ayesha Narmeen D/O Syed Noorullah Syed Kazmi and Afra Maliki

2nd position – Amal Maliki D/O Asif Maliki and Nada Kola

3rd position: Yousuf Shabandri S/O Mohammed Yaseen Shabandri and Ruqaiya Shabandri

MOnt 2 B: 1st position – Shaima Ruhi D/O Shuaib Jukaku and Rayisa

2nd Position – Aabid Kola S/O Emad KOla and Fariha

3rd Position- Hawwa D/O Abdul Malik and Fathima Ummul Khair

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