“The journey of a thousand miles begins but with a simple step”. So was the case with the journey of Anjuman Hami-E-Muslimeen on the path of education. It started “Anka-lipi” class for boys in 1919 and in the following years the primary school classes were st­arted, one after the other. The full-fledged lower primary school got Established in 1924. The higher primary section started thereafter and accomplished its final stage in 1929. However, in 1929 itself. The lower primary section was taken over by the District Local Board.

The educational standard of the students passing IV class from the Government Urdu Primary School was found to be totally unsatisfactory. In the meantime there was a change in the Government policy in regard to primary education and private institutions were permi­tted to start primary schools. Hence, it was decided to move the State Government for permission for opening a primary school under Anjuman Hami-E-Muslimeen.

Late Mr. S.M.Yahya made the task of Government permission very easy. The late Mr. D.M Meera was kind enough to allow the opening of the new school in his premises to begin with, where after the school was temporarily shifted first to Moulana Hall and thereafter to the premises of Islamia Anglo Urdu High School . After constructing ground floor of the present building, the school was shifted to its own bui­lding. Bhatkal Muslim Jamaat, Muscat, came forward in 1988-89 with financial assistance for construction of first floor of building for the new school . The co-educational Anjuman Urdu Primary school came into existence in 1973 Upto standard IV the Co-educational pattern was adapt ed and standard V to VII were conducted for girls .only and the boys were issued transfer certificate for joining Islamia Anglo Urdu High School.

Nursery classes were started in this school in 1980 and Eng1ish medium primary classes were started in 1993. These additions made the building inadequate for the school and one more floor was const­ructed in 1994. Introduction of English medium adversely affected the Urdu medium classes and their student’s strength started dwindling day by day. Besides, in December 1999 due to the exodus of students from the local convent school, Anjuman Urdu Primary School had to absorb over 400 English medium students. Hence, with the sole intention of retaining Urdu medium, free ship was offered from standard I in the Year 2001-2002 and this facility now stands extended upto standard IV. From the academic year 2003-04, standard V is treated as a seg­ ment of lower primary section. Hence Now there is co-education in this school upto standard V and the boys leave the school for joi­ning standard VI in the Islamia Anglo Urdu High School . This change has necessitated increase in the classrooms of Anjuman Urdu Primary School and hence some classrooms of Islamia Anglo Urdu High School are made over to the Primary School.